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Style Details

Merrell Jungle Moc Nubuck are superb everyday wearing moccasins which have tones of comfort, eye-catching style and durable construction. These moccasins have been made from the same premium quality materials which are used in the construction of the athletic shoes and hiking boots by Merrell. These moccasins can be used every day with just about any outfit you like and they can also be used for office. The upper have been made from the high quality nubuck leather which is soft and long lasting. The upper has the dual goring on the top which allows you secure and perfect fit. The slip on construction of these moccasins enables you to wear them in a jiffy. The heavy lining is made from the nylex which has the excellent treatment of Aegis antimicrobial solution. This lining wicks the moisture away from the foot to keep them fresh, healthy, odorless and free from bacteria. The footbed has 4.5 millimeters of thickness and it has the Ortholite® anatomical treatment. This footbed delivers stunning comfort with each step and it allows you to walk all day long without any fatigue and stress. The foot frame is made from the EVA which is highly shocks absorbing. This foot frame ensures secure and supportive ride and it reduces the amount of shocks traveling up the legs and spine. The midsole has another stunning technology called Air Cushion technology. This midsole also absorbs shocks and minimizes the fatigue to deliver you excellent comfort. These shoes are available in the two types of outsoles; you get either get the magnificent Jungle Maze or Jungle Runner. Both outsoles are premium quality, flexible, durable and lightweight. The outsoles are slip resistant to allow you slip free and smooth ride. These moccasins have the slip lasted design. It weighs 13 ounces as per size 8.5. You can find this style in these colors: Brown Nubuck and Black Nubuck.

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David from New Hampshire

My wardrobe is stuffed with the Merrell. The first style which I tried was the Intercept and after that I just kept on buying their products. I love the fact that most of the shoes by this brand have the sporty looks which is just phenomenal. The quality of their shoes is just great as well. This particular style was eye-catching because it has the decent looks with a hint of sportiness and I just love this combination. When I wore then, they were just amazing from all aspects. There is not a single thing which I could point out wrong in this style. I use them to work as well. They don’t behave like the most of the moccasins where sometime if you walk fast you feel like shoe slipping from the back and coming of the foot, but not these one. They fit nicely and perfectly. The insole is very comfortable, I was thinking to put my custom orthotic but the thickness of the insole is enough to keep your feet fully comfortable for hours. I have brown and black colors of these shoes and I often use both of them. I wish they make this style in more colors because they are just amazing. It’s really hard to understand how they makes such fantastic and durable shoes in a very reasonable price. All the pairs which I have from them are quite affordable. I have seen shoes which have rather poorer built quality but twice price, but these ones have stunning quality. I have some style for over 3 years now and there is nothing wrong with them. I did suggest many people at work to try this style. Its arch support is amazing, it fits perfectly, the width is perfect and the shoe is quite lightweight. I would give 5 out of 5 points to this style, it’s just amazing.

Rebecca Stallion from Amelia Island, Florida

I bought these shoes for my husband who is a huge fan of Merrell. He says that the They makes world’s most comfortable shoes so I thought I would amaze him by buying these shoes for him. My plan completely worked out. He loved these shoes. They were exactly his size, the width was accurate. He has pretty good idea how comfortable their shoes are and these are also very comfortable. He wears them to work often. The moccasin style of these shoes allows very quick and easy on and off wearing. The arch support is perfect and the insole is amazingly comfort. My husband uses customized orthotic with some of this shoes and I asked him that if he likes to use one with these as well but he says that they are very comfortable without any custom orthotic. I was also amazing how thick the insole is of these shoes. The built quality is also amazing, I bought these shoes 6 months ago and still there is nothing wrong with them. We went to Vegas and he was wearing these shoes there as well, he walked a lot in them, dances and still these shoes look and feel like out of the box. I was thinking to buy him another color. He has the brown ones and he loves it. These shoes are very lightweight as well and I was amazed to see that they weigh less than my moccasins and I always had this feeling that the women shoes are lighter than the men shoes. I started wearing them myself when I saw that my husband just love their shoes. I have recommended these shoes before and I will recommend them to everyone. My husband says that he will give these shoes 5 out of 5 stars. They are a perfect combination of affordable price, excellent built quality, amazing style and massive comfort.


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